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Flooring and Carpets

Wooden flooring for the marqueeYou have numerous options of flooring for your marquee. For best results we recommend wood flooring. Wooden boards are attached together to form a solid floor. A choice of coloured carpets can then be stapled to the floor. This is recommended in the winter months or on low lying areas which are prone to getting water logged.Carpets for the marquee

For the summer months on dry flat ground, foam backed carpets laid with plastic membrane are sufficient. We provide any colour carpet you desire; generally, the green, black and blue carpets are the most requested with green carpet being the most popular as it blends in well with the grass should the sides of the marquee be opened on a nice day. The carpets come in large 4m rolls which can be overlaid and pegged down to avoid any trip hazards.

Marquee SwagsThe marquees can be fully lined with Ivory pleated linings and coloured swags and drapes and flowers can be used to decorate the marquees. Swags are the material that is hung around the top of the walls of the marquee. Marquee LiningDrapes are what are hung over the inside of the walls of the marquee. We have a wide range of coloured swags and drapes.
You could also choose blackout walls and ceilings, fitted with little starry lights which twinkle and provide a dazzling effect and look great over a stage or dance floor.
The modular sections of the marquee can be divided up to provide separate rooms or different areas. Marquee LiningWe also offer ‘Reveals’ - an ivory curtain that can be drawn up to provide a surprise area. This can be very effective to reveal a surprise dance floor or band on a stage and is often used at weddings to reveal the bride and groom having the first dance.
Marquee LightingA variety of lighting can provide the desired effect in the marquee. The marquee can be floodlight inside with a basic halogen lights which can also be put on 8ft poles to provide lighting outside the marquee for entrances and doorways etc. For a more elegant effect, ivory chandeliers attached to dimmer boards can achieve the desired brightness inside the marquee.
The marquee can also be light by spotlights on a pole run down the middle of the marquee with individually mounted spotlights directed to each table.
The marquee can also have uplighters on the floor of the Marquee Spotlightsmarquee to shine up the walls. These are available in a variety of interchangeable colours. Another very pretty effect is to run pea lights around the walls of the marquee.
Tables and Chairs

Marquee ChairsWe hire a variety of furniture and equipment to kit out the marquee with. We provide 5’6 Round tables that sit up to 10 guests or trestle tables that sit 4 guests. We have a wide range of chairs including:

White Bistro Chairs

Gilt Chairs, available in: black, gold, lime wash, natural wood, silver or white. Seat pad options include: black, blue, gold, green, ivory, maroon or silver.

Chivari chairs available in black, gold, lime wash, natural wood, silver or white. Seat pad options include: black, blue, gold, green, ivory, maroon or white.

We can also provide white plastic patio tables and picket fencing for outside the marquee.

Dance Floor and Staging

Marquee Dance FloorWe offer 8’ by 4’ stage sections for bands or Discos that are 1 ft high these can be linked together to provide the desired floor area. In general each member of a band would require a 8’ by 4’ section.
Our solid Oak Parquet flooring can be hired in 3’ sections to make up the required size. All of our dance floors are fully modular, giving you flexibility on size. When calculating the size of dance floor required,Marquee Staging allow for approximately 5 square foot of area per dancer. Bearing in mind only about one third of guests will be dancing at once the size of the dance floor can be worked out. For example an event with 225 guests may have 75 guests dancing so would need 75 x 5 square foot = 375 square foot of dance floor. So we could supply a 21’ by 18’ dance floor.


Walkways and Entrances

Marquee WalkwayYou can easily make a feature out of your marquee entrance; we can discuss this on the site visit. Solid double glazed doorways can be hired with fire safety lights and push bars and positioned anywhere around the marquee to create the desired entrance. Marquee WalkwayThese are often a must when selling tickets to an event to comply with the fire regulations. We also offer walkways to provide rain and weather cover to the marquee or a pointed pagoda marquee can be linked of the side of the marquee to provide an entrance porch.
Carpets and wooden floor can also provide walkways to and from the marquee which produce a very elegant effect.


Window Walls


Window Walls

Our marquees benefit from having interchangeable plain white Window Wallswalls or window walls where ever you like around the marquee. The white walls allow you to darken areas of the marquee to accentuate lighting or provide privacy. The window walls allow you to take advantage of natural light and the views around the marquee.

Heating and Power


To provide light and power to the marquee you need a suitable 240-volt/16 amp power point within 15 metres of the marquee. We can arrange for an electrician to run power from an existing source. Marquee HeaterGenerators can be provided so that the marquee is on its own supply. We have a wide range of cables and distribution boxes that we can provide to run power and lighting around the marquee.

You need to tell us how much power caterers, bands, loo trailers, DJ and Bar areas need before running the cables and generator.

We provide specialist in direct marquee heaters in the cold weather these sit outside the marquee and duct warm air inside. We can advise you on how many heaters are needed according to the predicted temperature and marquee size.

Other Items

Table Plan Easel

We also stock flag poles, coat racks and table plan easels and white picket fencing to make every detail of your event run smoothly.



Marquee ThemesMarquee ThemesBarny Lee Marquees can help you create any theme you can imagine. Previous themes have included:

We can theme the marquees with various lighting effects and backdrops or props added to fit the function. We have themed a number of marquees in the past and have provided furniture and bars, table decorations, artificial plants and trees. Marquee Themes
Marquee ThemesThemes have included James Bond with Casino tables, Caribbean Parties with marquees over swimming pools with sand for the beach effect, Black and White, Wild West with a saloon bar and Arabian Nights with stylish Chill out tents.



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