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Marquee Size Guide

When working out the size of a marquee there are several factors that need to be taken into consideration:


1) Will your guests be seated for a meal or standing?
2) What type of tables will be required and how many people on each table?
3) Will there be a buffet or waitress service?
4) Is a stand up area needed for a reception before guests are seated?
5) Is additional room needed for a serving area, stage, dance floor, DJ, bar, cake table, gifts or an entertainment room?


You then have to decide whether you want everything going on in one open plan marquee or whether you wanted to create a different atmospheres with separate areas like a starlight dance floor area or a chill out relaxing area with cushions and sofas.


The chart below is designed to give you an approximate indication of the minimum size of marquee you may require, please consult us for advice.


Marquee Size Guide

Please note the size of the marquee must be made larger if you wish to accommodate any extra areas or more space.

The seating is based on 10 people sitting around a 5’6" table with table service (it does not allow for any buffet tables).


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